Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perfect pets for apartment living

Like apartments everywhere, Las Vegas apartments come in every shape and size and in every configuration – from ground level to high-rise with lots of choices in between. When picking the perfect pet for your choices in Las Vegas apartments, those factors – location, access to open spaces and size – are going to be key considerations.

No matter what your apartment choice, let’s start with the obvious: Fish
Among the likely favorites: Cats & Dogs
Other Options: Hermit Crabs, Birds, Hamserts, Guinea Pits, and Reptiles

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Keeping Children Active in Las Vegas Apartments During The Summer

Living in Las Vegas has plenty of perks, and you’ve taken advantage of many of these opportunities. At the current time, you are living in an apartment with your children, and you are concerned about the amount of exercise they are getting. When summer comes around, what are some things you can do with them to ensure they stay active?  Here are a few ideas...

- Workout Tapes
- Yoga, Dance , Pilates and More
- Use Common Space
- Visit The Pool
- Playing a Sport
- Summer day and Sleep-Away Camps

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